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The Field Service Program is entering a period of transition to increase efficiency of services provided to blinded veterans.  The Blinded Veterans Association is creating a Field Service Program Resource Center to be a one stop shop for services provided by BVA.  The new FSP Resource Center will feature a dedicated toll free number which any blind veteran across the nation can call and receive services from any BVA National Field Service Officer regardless of where they live.  This will streamline services and provide consistency to all veterans. 

          Starting September 01, 2015 all Field service calls will be routed through the new Field Service Program Resource Center.            

As part of    this transformation, all of BVA’s National Field service Regional Offices will be relocating to the new Field Service Program Resource Center.  All Volunteer Offices will remain open.    The new Field Service Program Resource Center will be located in BVA Headquarters at 125 N West Street, Alexandria VA.   To ensure all veterans have access the toll free number 844-250-5180 is active and will be temporarily routed through the Headquarters receptionist until the resource opens.  


          As Volunteer National Service Officers (VSNO) are a valuable asset to the FSP program, BVA will begin offering VNSO specific Training at conventions starting August 2016.  The new VNSO specific training will be dedicated to provide training and support to VNSO’s whom are accredited with BVA and dedicating 1000 hours annually to help veterans with claims.


BVA Field Service Resource Center

125 N. West St, 3rd Floor

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 844-250-5180 (Toll Free)

Fax: 202-371-8258


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